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The Difference Between Traditional Media and Social Media

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During my regularly scheduled vanity check this afternoon, I noticed GSMI recently posted an edited version of a talk I gave at their Social Media Strategies Summit last month.

It’s a few excerpts from my presentation titled “You Can’t Make Them Listen” which is a reference to the fact that organic social marketing is very different from old school paid marketing. TV advertising is the classic example. We all hate commercials. We fast-forward through them, take bathroom breaks, or fill the void by quickly popping popcorn just to avoid wasting that time watching the ads. Yet, they’re super effective because plenty of us do sit through them, and we salivate every time we see a burger broiling over a high-definition flame.

Organic social marketing is different. You can’t make people listen like you can with paid content. What results do you want from your social marketing anyway? You don’t just want your fans paying attention… the value of social media marketing is the very real, very large audience born from sharing.

People will share your content. They’ll advertise for you, and they’ll do it for free, but they’ll only do it if you give them something they truly want. If they like what they see, they share with their friends because, chances are, their friends will like it too. If you give them junk, the best they’ll do is make fun of it. So…

give people what they want.

It’s ridiculously obvious, I know, but we see crappy social marketing every day, so I know it hasn’t sunk in yet. This, by the way, is when I make the connection between Marketing and Customer Service.

Marketing = giving them what they want = Service

In this new age of marketing, one that requires us to provide real benefit to the consumer in everything we do, we must now appreciate that Marketing is Customer Service is Marketing. Call it Alon’s Transitive Property of Social Media Marketing™.

That’s the gist of what I talked about at the Social Media Strategies Summit. I want to dive into more of the specifics from my presentation (like finally defining what people actually want) in another post, but for now, listen to GSMI’s teaser.


And, just for fun, here’s a little reference material for you.

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